Little Gummi Stays Clear with Clearinse Nasal Cleansing System


Little Gummi Stays Clear with Clearinse Nasal Cleansing System

September 27, 2017

This post was sponsored and made possible by Clearinse Nasal Cleansing System. All statements remain my own.

As we are making our trek toward Mountain living, a few things have become apparent: Our allergies will likely sky-rocket until we get used to the change, and parents don’t get sick days. The latter we already knew, but when you’re under the weather it only becomes more apparent that you may never fully recover. We thankfully were introduced to Clearinse which is a Nasal Cleansing System that is safe on Children and Adults alike.

This awesome product, available at CVS, works in that it creates a streamline that relieves a stuffy or clogged nose, gently. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using Saline to soften and relieve congestion prior to any suction. Any type of nasal congestion can cause a hindrance in eating, sleeping and breathing which for Little ones, this can be especially bothersome. The Doctor recommended Clearinse Nasal Cleansing System uses a custom pump system that smoothly and effectively relieves any nasal congestion in children but is strong enough to also use on adults.

Jensen has thankfully (knock on wood) not had any issues as far as sicknesses go but Miller is much more sensitive to allergies and sinus issues. We love that the Clearinse system delicately relieves his discomfort and clears our mind of any worries. Changing a climate is always a great reason for preventative care and Clearinse has most certainly geared us up for that!

As if we could not love this at-home, Doctor made product any more, the tips are also Dishwasher safe! Keep in mind though, just because they can be safely cleaned does not mean they should be shared amongst the family. Each individual user should have their own tip and it should be replaced every 60 to 90 days depending on regular use.