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10 things you should never say to a breastfeeding mom

October 14, 2016

1. Can you please nurse in the bathroom? Oh, I’m sorry, do you eat in the bathroom???!

2. Can you please cover up? Sure! Let me put a blanket/cloth/full blown hazmat suit on while I nurse so when my child rips it off his face because he doesn’t like I can go ahead and expose everything instead of an inch of cleavage that you’d see any other woman expose in normal, every day life. Did I offend you!?

3. Do you plan on pumping? Will the answer to this impact your life whatsoever?

4. Do you plan to bottle feed or supplement? See above. 

5. How long do you plan on nursing? Until my child gets their teeth in and bites me with what actually feels like fangs. 

6. You really should use your breast as a pacifier instead of an actual pacifier- it might effect latching! Okay!! So, YOU come hold my child so I can: shower, clean, cook, sleep, bathroom alone and not turn into a grizzly during witching hour. 

7. My (insert anyone but the one speaking, to whom they wrongfully sourced their info)  said that if you want any sleep during the night you should really consider bottle feeding otherwise, you won’t be healthy, alive, a person and basically a zombie. Maybe I am a Zombie! But I like being one and how I perform as the living dead should not affect you and your inexperienced opinions of my choices. No sleep? More coffee! || I did have someone tell me this recently, I went in for a blood patch after birthing my newborn and whatever title this maiden had in relation to the Doctor took it upon herself, based off her sisters experiences to suggest I not nurse because my NEWBORN eats every 2hours. Now he’s 3wks old and feeds less during the night as per his own rhythm. After my death glare she got the point and silenced. 

8. You should be eating more! Okay, so maybe not as bad but still equally annoying when a stranger comments on this. Want to see my logs on MyFitness Pal? 

9. Oh, you drank a beer? Oh, I pumped and dumped?

10. To follow my last two you should really stay away from ‘gassy’ foods. Well, my child came out literally farting so my one teaspoon of siracha should be okay. 

11. Bonus!! Oh my god, that’s too much. Okay I get it, you’re ignorant to what breast were intended for (specifically in a day when formula didn’t exists) but comments aren’t needed so judge-y teen at Mcallisters Deli, take your fruit cup and sour ‘tude and keep on walking. 

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Gummi Loves Rhoost


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ErgoBaby 4 Position 360 CarrierĀ 

October 13, 2016

Ergobaby 360 Four position baby carrier for little gummi

Amongst the variety of carriers we have tried, we had a higher expectation for the ErgoBaby line because of its reputation. We discovered ErgoBaby at Mommy Con in Chicago this past month and knew we wanted to review the ErgoBaby 4 Position 360 Carrier for our viewers.

I can honestly say the ErgoBaby 360 carrier is much different than others on the market as it is a 4-in-1 carrier, meaning bebe can be front facing and toward the wearer or away from the wearer, the ErgoBaby 360 carrier also allows the bebe to be worn on the hip, as well as the back of course. I’ve seen little to no carriers that allow a hip carry. Take note we do have a very tiny Little so we cannot do neither hip or back carries but when we do I will be sure to update and inform on the ease and usage.
One thing I noticed from the very first time wearing our ErgoBaby 360 carrier was
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Gummi Loves Little Bipsy

September 26, 2016

Little Bipsy | Jensen wears 12m in the watermelon shorts for a more snug fit 

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Ten Things You Can Blame On Pregnancy

September 25, 2016

As I reach the point of launching Little Gummi full time a few things are becoming more apparent so I created a list of the ten things you can blame on pregnancy. I’d like to add, it’s okay and natural to experience most or all of these things. A comment I frequently heard during my pregnancy was “you look so good” and sometimes “you’re so thin” but in my mind when I saw myself I felt huge, I felt as if someone had taken over my once wafered body and replaced it, and that’s exactly what happened; however, my view translated in to something entirely different than the others views of me. I experienced everything on this list but in a different context.

I looked normal but I felt estranged. 

  1. Tired all the time– inevitable, right? I thought I was invincible until suddenly I needed a nap…from taking a nap. 
  2. Hunger– I once read that growing a tiny human is the equivalence of climbing a mounting. Just remember that when you climb a mountain you don’t eat cake afterwards. 
  3. Nausea- “I think someone is smoking…it’s the guy in the car behind us” this happened and it made me sick. Everything. Made. Me. Sick. It’s normal just stay hydrated. Ginger everything. 
  4. Soreness- Bum soreness, am I right or what?! Something about the arse and a tiny human that just doesn’t mix so don’t be afraid to ask your hubs for a bum rub. 
  5. Cravings- Ask yourself, ‘all of those carbonated soft drinks OR sparkling water?’ Seriously, sparkling water tricks your mind in to believing you had carbonation without the syrup. Same decaf if you are drinking for taste/flavor. 
  6. Attitude- I think this goes without saying. Just try to think before you do the inevitable pregnancy rational speaking. 
  7. Gas- So, gas. Let’s face the facts. Pregnancy brings out our vulnerable side and this is just a lovely addition. No shame. Your hubby will find out one day that you do it so that might as well happen during pregnancy. 
  8. Memory loss- Uhm…?
  9. Peeing all the time- True. Still true. Just don’t confuse this with a bladder infection. Those come very easily while preggers. 
  10. Weight gain- right along with cravings and hunger. Eat what is right and think about options that will trick your cravings into thinking you had that cake or whatever your vice is. We don’t have to blow up like a balloon, we don’t have to eat for two. We have to be healthy. 

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4Moms Breeze Playard

September 24, 2016

As we prepare to move, we found ourselves utilizing our 4Moms Breeze Playard now more than ever.

I swore to myself I would never purchase a playpen because of the hassle of putting them up and down, not to mention the horrendous mat that barely wraps around the closed playpen. Much like everything parenthood related, all thoughts change after that first born baby- at least our thoughts did.
When we first saw the 4Moms Breeze Playard we were a little hesitant to make a purchase right away because of the netting. Due to the thin soft material we weren’t sure it would hold up to strong bebe hands; we were certainly proven wrong. Our run with the 4Moms Breeze has been great so far and the 4Moms Breeze certainly does its job.

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My Son and Stars

September 20, 2016

It’s been such a long time since I have posted, we have been dealing with job changes, state changed and adding a new addition to our hearts that we thought we would be having 4 weeks early! As imagined, it has been a whirlwind. 

When the doctors told me I had preeclampsia and to expect our son around 35/36 weeks, we pack our suitcases full of clothes and my husband drove us and our daughter to my moms house in Kentucky where we presumed we would spend our birthing and after-birth days. As my husband was in Chicago packing our things up, trying to rent our house and gathering ourselves for this change we got a call that our self-employment days were done and the company we were under went down. 

We didn’t know left from right, where to go or what to do. All we knew was that our sweet boy would be arriving sooner than later (we thought!) and we needed to get shit done!

My husband was hired quickly and found an opportunity that gave me the ability to stay home with our babies and work on Little Gummi and things started to look up. 

As the days went on, we learned that the preeclampsia was false and the baby was healthy, in fact he was 8pounds of healthy!

Maybe not my best post, but as I collect my thoughts and get back in to the rhythm of life! I am so happy to announce the birth of our baby boy. He came in to the world 11 days late and I couldn’t not be any more proud of my body for delivering this boy unattended. I’ll tell his birth story later but for now;

Miller James Wallace

8-1 and 20″ long. 

Jensen isn’t too sure about Miller, but I love this photo of her first day being around him. Seeing both my babies together makes my heart burst out of my body. I cat believe these two humans belong to me. 

I’m pretty swollen from all my IVs in this photo and Jensen has been staying with Nana while we soak in the quiet, toddler free hospital. She also picked out her outfit! Ha. And she also doesn’t want any photos.

Not the best family photo but this is us. Tired and all.  

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Uppababy G-Link Double Stroller

August 26, 2016

Little Gummi G-Link Review

This past season we got the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to the Uppababy family, the Uppababy G-Link Double Stroller which hit the market for 2016. The G-Link stroller is unique in the fact it is a double umbrella stroller with two seats that essentially work individually.

Uppababy has always had great specifications that go into each stroller making every individual stroller with the same standards as the next and the G-Link Double Stroller definitely did not fall short.

Something I loved right off the bat was that the Uppababy designed the G-Link with newborns in mind. I have rarely come across an umbrella stroller that has been equipped for smaller babies, let alone a newborn! I give Uppababy high props for this feature!

The Uppababy G-Link Double Stroller is an absolute must for quick outings and families that want a fast and easy stroller concept! Trying the G-link was a blast and opened a brand new door for our expectations in finding an umbrella stroller
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