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People Toy Company | Mochi Made

April 25, 2017


People Toy CompanyWe have all heard about a baby’s first food being rice cereal, but what about their first toy?! People Toy Company is new to the States and a hit at Little Gummi with their rice made baby and children toys. People Toy Company uses a Japanese rice cake, Mochi, for an extensive line of toys and we got the chance to test some out. These 51% Mochi toys are close to nature and perfect for nurturing.
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Veyo Mittyz | The Only Glove For Your Littles

April 21, 2017

As dreamy as it is watching your Babes play in the snow, build a snow man (or woman!) and eat who knows what on those legendary homemade snow cones, the part right before all of that happens can be just a bit chaotic. The part I’m talking about specifically? Getting dressed for the elements! My daughter just abhors anything that could possibly keep her warm, including mittens. She will fight us tooth and nail until her hands are red and she decides it’s not worth it. Veyo Mittyz are created to eliminate those pink hands and the littles fight to get dressed.
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Cloths - Diapers - Reviews

Featured Brand: Charlie Banana All New Nappies

April 20, 2017

Charlie Banana

We choose cloth diapering for many reasons; it’s better for the environment, safer for new bums, no harsh chemicals and of course their amazing capabilities to get us through the nastiest of jobs. Charlie Banana is giving us even more reasons to love cloth with their brand new nappies. The eco-friendly brand launched with a mission to change the way parents feel about using disposables with a goal that 50% of parents will eventually switch to cloth and we stand right behind them at Little Gummi.

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Handsocks | Happiness For Little Hands

April 17, 2017


We all know the struggles of newborn skin and its battle with new baby fingernails. It seemed like both of my kids were born with tiny talons at the ends of their hands and as much as I tried to keep their fast growing nails clipped, scratches still found a way to occur. We put on the mittens and they would always fall off or get pulled off. We would lose a match during laundry or they would just disappear entirely. The struggle was very present and mom Casey Bunn knew this when she came up with Handsocks. These mittens are more than just scratch resistant and they have hit a home at Little Gummi.

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Code & Go Robot Mouse | Learning Resources

April 15, 2017

Code and Go Robot Mouse

In an era of a huge robotic birth, it seems really fitting that we introduce our children to the world of coding and technological exploration. At Little Gummi we really support the advancements of what technology has become and one of the earliest ways you can introduce that to your Little is through the Code & Go Robot Mouse by Learning Resources. This mouse and its track is a great modern day rendition of Classical Conditioning, only in this case it occurs through coding and technology. We promise you will spend more time interacting and playing than thinking!
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Day at the Louisville Zoo

April 14, 2017

Playtime - Reviews

Featured Brand: People Toy Co | Designed for Kids With Parents In Mind

April 13, 2017

People Toy Co
It isn’t everyday you come across a genuine brand that cares about kid and baby driven designs alongside parenting lifestyles. At Little Gummi we believe parenting should come as natural as everyday life and both should collide in a beautiful, effortless way. People Toy Co is a company with that same thought, reflected in simplistic and stimulating toys that will take your children from infancy to toddlerhood and their minds even further.
We have had the chance to play around with some of their best products and get to know the brand a little more. Here’s what they have to say

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Beauty Counter | Kids Bath Collection

April 10, 2017

Beauty Counter

Caring for yourself, the kids and the earth through healthy and conscious decisions extends much deeper than just an electric car or organic eating. It also means being aware of what we put on our bodies and there is no other momma out there more dedicated than changing this than  Beauty Counter rep Loren Pudlewski and we are completely intrigued by these products over at Little Gummi

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Bedtime - Reviews

Crescent Womb | Transitioning From Womb to World

April 7, 2017

Crescent Womb

Becoming a parent for the first time, or the fifth time, also comes with many worries and at Little Gummi we don’t think sleep time should be one of them! When ever our newest addition would draw closer to arrival, we always researched and over-thought the bassinets that our Little would go in. This can be cumbersome especially when you live in a studio (that’s us!) so we are really excited to talk about Dad invented Crescent Womb.

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Feeding - Reviews

Babycup | Baby and Toddlers First Cups

April 6, 2017


At some point or another I’m sure you’ve heard about toilet training techniques to implement as early as 4 months. If not, don’t worry, we were a bit scared of that too! Early learning can be a frightening thing, especially for new parents. Sara Keel, the momma behind Babycup understood this and came up with a less far fetched idea. Her name-to-fame lies within training your Littles as early as 4 months on a cup. Sounds amazing right?! This can be made entirely possible with Babycup. A UK brand that is recommended by health professionals and parents alike.

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